Citrussy or floral? Preferably both, a royal marriage: aromatic Rwandan black teas form the basis of our Earl Grey. The essential oil of bergamot orange, a rare citrus fruit which in some places is traded as "green gold", is what gives it its unmistakable flavour however. Blue cornflowers provide a delicate, sweet contrast in appearance and taste. 

                     100% REALLY ORGANIC - FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER

Wital has produced a 100% biodegradable and compostable product consisting of three components:

 A tea bag made of organically compostable PLA material with a decomposition time of approx. 5-6 months in house compost

  A protection film for natural cellulose bags (envelope and outer layer) with a decomposition time of approx. 6 months in house compost.

 A tea box made from waste paper or grass paper, the production of which throws away 50% less pollutants and which naturally decomposes in house compost after 5-6 months.

 German quality control standards for actual production and product development.

You have rarely enjoyed tea of such perfection before. But experience it for yourself: with every cup of WITAL tea

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