Spicy and Intense black teas from India and Sri Lanka form the foundation of our Earl Gray. Bergamot oil, which is also known as green gold gives it a rich and natural taste. Bergamot is obtained from the peel of certain rare citrus fruits found on the Asian continent. To add to the visual aesthetic of this tea, cornflowers add a fresh look to the blend while giving it a classic and sweet note. Our tea has earned its organic seal through sustainable ecological cultivation.


Wital has produced a 100% biodegradable and compostable product consisting of three components:

 A tea bag made of organically compostable PLA material with a decomposition time of approx. 5-6 months in domestic compost

 A protection film for natural cellulose bags (envelope and outer layer) with a decomposition time of approx. 6 months in domestic compost.

 A tea box made from waste paper or grass paper, the production of which throws away 50% less pollutants and which naturally decomposes in home compost after 5-6 months.

 German quality control standards for actual production and product development.

You have rarely enjoyed tea of such perfection before. But experience it for yourself: with every cup of WITAL tea

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