The hauntingly smell of Rhubarb is catching by the first smell. The typically intense flavor with its balanced acid and sweet side notes is supported by the innocent sweetness of lime blossoms. 

  World famous teas from the most renowned gardens of the world, using only natural extracts;

 Loose tea of the highest quality and highly aromatic in taste with full leaf gradation. Premium packaging made of reworked paper;
 17 Micro-plastic free tea bags. Our tea bags are made of unbleached cotton and sewn by hand. In this way we can dispense with adhesives with microplastic. Our tea bags are 100% compostable and belong in the organic waste bin;
 German quality control standards in the manufacture of the actual products and product development. We work exclusively with only seven world-famous tea estates and one of the most renowned German tea designers in the world

Black tea
Rhubarb pieces
Lime-tree blossoms