Mild, premium green tea, rolled by hand into pearls and flavoured using top-quality jasmine flowers, is the highlight in the jasmine tea range.

The leaves are picked in early spring and flavoured five times with jasmine flowers, on each occasion for a period of three hours.

These delicate masterpieces are made in Fuding County in Fujian Province.

       Always the best quality. Wital uses only undiluted whole leaf tea and natural extracts.

       20 Cotton tea bags, maize starch instead of plastic, luminous natural colours and rice-based glue:
          Wital is made of 100% natural materials and completely compostable.

       We are committed to transparent value creation and personal partnerships:

          Wital works directly with the best gardens in the world in order to ensure a sustainable and fair supply chain.

       Wital reimburses its partners at above-market rates without increasing sales prices.


Green tea