Zero waste, great taste,
everything else is a pale imitation
The organic rock star

100 % plastic-free and fully compostable packaging.

Unveiling popular classics and exciting tea blends which develop their full-on flavour in generous tea bags made of organic cotton.

As good as it gets

Excellent, pure premium tea.

Encased by the finest quality, sustainable materials, promises perfect tea enjoyment for the demanding connoisseur.

Finest Line

Whenever tea made of whole, hand-selected and rolled organic leaves isn’t simply quiet and unassuming but rather prefers “to shout about it”, relying on bold colours and clear facts, the exclusive Wital Finest Line is the one.

Here, highest aesthetic standards are married with absolute quality and rigorous sustainability.

The attractive packaging is entirely plastic-free and 100% compostable. 

Organic Line

The Organic Line is the charismatic performance queen in the Wital range.

Richly faceted and uncompromisingly sustainable, it appeals to the fervent organic tea fan. Maybe it’s the art of hand-picked whole leaf teas and extravagant blends, or simply the look of fully compostable organic cotton.

For one thing is clear: great taste remains, everything else is a pale imitation.


She's fresh? Exciting!

The freshness and intensity of Moroccan mint is world-renowned as one of the most flavour from herbal teas. Our plants come from the Tiznit region – in Morocco, a synonym for superior mint.

The full aroma of subtle sweetness and mild pungency of cooling menthol has an invigorating and antispasmodic effect.

bio product compostable product plastic free


Whole leaf loose tea

The leaves are picked in early spring and flavoured five times with jasmine flowers, on each occasion for a period of three hours.

These delicate masterpieces are made in Fuding County in Fujian Province.

bio product compostable product