This sencha is made in Uji in Shizuoka Prefecture.

    It involves so-called Fukamushicha, or deep-steamed sencha. This means that it is initially steamed for considerably longer than ordinary green tea.

    This process yields a particularly mild mouthfeel and a fuller aroma with a gentle sweetness.  

    *infuse using hot but not boiling water and allow to steep for no more than 2 minutes.

       Always the best quality. Wital uses only undiluted whole leaf tea and natural extracts.

       20 Cotton tea bags, maize starch instead of plastic, luminous natural colours and rice-based glue:
          Wital is made of 100% natural materials and completely compostable.

       We are committed to transparent value creation and personal partnerships:

          Wital works directly with the best gardens in the world in order to ensure a sustainable and fair supply chain.

       Wital reimburses its partners at above-market rates without increasing sales prices.



    Wital has a zero-usage policy of indestructible plastic which destroys our oceans, earth and atmosphere, as well as the health of future generations. 

    The “PlasticFree®” certification from „A Plastic Planet“ is the world’s first plastic standard to mark ready-to-buy products as plastic-free. 

    Certified by „Control Union“ in London - the certification body for the packaging solutions and represented in 70 countries across the world. 
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