Classic helper syndrome:

    this traditional, Japanese steamed green tea is a true all-rounder as an elixir.

    The fine, dark green leaves prevent a variety of chronic conditions, reduce stress and free radicals, lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels and aid cell regeneration.

    Also, enjoy its mild aroma to boost the immune system and experience an exhilarating and stimulating effect.  

    *infuse using hot but not boiling water and allow to steep for no more than 2 minutes.

       Premium organic whole leaf tea in its purest form.

       17 Cotton tea bags, maize starch instead of plastic, luminous natural colours and rice-based glue.

          Wital is made of 100% natural materials and completely compostable.

       100 % plastic-free and fully compostable packaging. The Organic Line proudly bears the “Plastic Free” label from A Plastic Planet.

           It’s about high-quality products that value our wonderful planet.          

       We are committed to transparent value creation and personal partnerships:

          Wital works directly with the best gardens in the world in order to ensure a sustainable and fair supply chain.



    Wital has a zero-usage policy of indestructible plastic which destroys our oceans, earth and atmosphere, as well as the health of future generations. 

    The “PlasticFree®” certification from „A Plastic Planet“ is the world’s first plastic standard to mark ready-to-buy products as plastic-free. 

    Certified by „Control Union“ in London - the certification body for the packaging solutions and represented in 70 countries across the world. 
Green tea